The mobile phone companies earned 24 billion on eid ul fiter

The mobile phone companies earned 24 billion on eid ul fiter 2015 in Pakistan. Users of traditional Eid greetings to send SMS, voice service with social networking tools were used extensively in the Viber, Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook, including via mobile phone To use these services, users benefit from broadband services to the mass mobile phone active Internet packages also provided. 

According to industry sources, the mobile phone companies on the festival this year in terms of revenue income is recorded.

The country’s telecom users, according to data Biometric Sim¬†Verification of the mobile phone active users number 11 million, 54 million of which have an average monthly expenditure of Rs 200 per user, such a user, usually a day, 7 rupees spends .

According to industry experts, the average consumer spend on Eid or in other words, the average revenue per user in the telecom industry over 20 times the usual increase. E

id users to send SMS greetings and congratulations to their loved ones for Eid days than normal voice service on the night of the feast days of excessive mobile phone use. Experts generally estimate 10 times higher than the cost per user would be placed on record in the feast days are spent every user up to 70 per day.

Hence, mobile phone companies, the moon the night of Eid to 2 days Overall 210 per user by 11.54 million users to 24 million, 23 million more than the revenue earned while three G users from data service spent This is in addition to the amount. In the past, security concerns over mobile phone in 5 cities cutoff of 2 and a half billion mobile phone companies have been claimed revenue losses.