ThinkPad T440s review

Haswell modified everything within the ultra-book world, and Lenovo has up to satisfy the challenge.
It\’s already reworked the look of its ThinkPad line, giving them sleeker bodies and lighter builds. currently it\’s embrace the marathon battery life that Intel\’s fourth generation chip provides.
At Israeli Defense Force 2013, Lenovo is showing many new ultrabooks within the T440 line. The vanilla ThinkPad T440 could be a meat and potatoes productivity machine, chocked packed with practicality with ports a lots, associate degree i5 processor and up to a 1TB of house.
If the ThinkPad T440 could be a basic sedan, then the T440s is that the luxury model. you will realize it the instant you investigate that 1920 x 1080 full HD show. At our Israeli Defense Force demo, it showed excellent viewing angles and wealthy colors.
You can get a T440s with or while not bit. The bit choice adds a few pound to the system\’s weight, and similarly as some bulk to the selling price, that starts at $1,149. We\’re waiting to listen to back on British and Australian valuation.
At 21mm thick, the T440s might not be as sleek as Apple\’s MacBook Air, however it\’s no clunker. like several of the ThinkPads we’ve been seeing latterly, Lenovo has taken pains to contour the look.
Volume and different controls are integrated into the keyboard, and therefore the \”sweater catchers\” that secured the lid on older models area unit gone.
It\’s a sleeker style, however ThinkPad die hards could miss the recent trackpad style. a minimum of they still have the trackpoint mouse to fall back on.
One place wherever ThinkPad ultrabooks frequently best the MacBook Air is in ports. The T440s has 3 USB ports, plus VGA, LAN associate degreed an American state card reader. that ought to check well with the enterprise crowd, or anyone who\’s urgently explore for a electronic device once making an attempt to plug into a projector.