Tiger Force Pakistan For Corona in Pakistan, Corona Force Team

PM Pakistan Imran Khan has established Tiger Force Pakistan to help and cope with Corona cases / COVID cases and to help the families of the patients who affected by Coronavirus COVID 19. All the paramedical staff like Doctors, nurses, constant, dispenser and other health care foundations/organizations may apply for COVID Tiger force. It can be considered a great and powerful step to establish and launch Corona Tiger force Pakistan 2020 to help laborers, workers and corona cases patients.

Tiger Force Registration in Pakistan You just have to download/install PM Portal from the play store on your mobile phone. Just go to play store install PM Portal to be a part of the Tiger Force Pakistan. Just fill, provide all information and details to register yourself for Tiger force, Corona Tiger Team and Corona Tiger staff 2020.

Condition for Tiger ForcePM Tiger Force in Pakistan 2020

The government of Pakistan has established so many programs and organizations to cope with COVID-19 Corona Tiger force Pakistan. And has established started some programs like Insaf Imdad Program, Ehsaas Emergency Programs and Tiger Forces etc to cope, manage and handle the patients of Corona virus. Programs and organizations/ foundations has been established also to help, assist and aid the poor peoples, laborers, workers who can’t get, earn livelihood. Only purposes of all these programs to help and provide food, money and livelihood the Corona virus affected patients/peoples.

Tiger Force Duty & Responsibility To be the part of Tiger Force you just install PM Portal App from play store at your cell phone then provide all required details/information and to be the part of Corona Tiger Force Pakistan. In view of Pandemic Corona Virus (COVID-19), the Government of Punjab, Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department planned to employ COVID-19 Posts, Jobs the services of Eligible Medical and Allied Health Professionals for the following categories on merely adhoc (TEMPORARY) basis for operation in the HDUs/ICUs/ Quarantine Centers and health services conventional by the Punjab Pakistan.

Tiger Force DutyCOVID Corona Tiger Force in Pakistan  

In this regards Govt of Pakistan is also being establish/lunch Corona Tiger Force to cope with Corona Virus. Administration will enlist Doctors, Consultant, paramedical staff, dispensers, and nurses’ etcetera to make the part of Tiger Force. Tiger force Pakistan will remain 24 hrs alert and available at front line to cope with Corona virus COVID-19 cases/ COVID patients.

Tiger Force District Kameety

As we know that Government of the Punjab has launched Tiger force. Here we will know District Kameety of Tiger Force.

Converner of Tiger Force: Deputy Commissioner

Secretary: Assistant Deputy Commissioner

Membran: Related Police Officer, (MNA) Member of National Assembly, District Education Officer, Representative of Local Government Department, District Social Welfare Officer, Local Old man, District health Officer, Member choosen by kameety.

Tiger Force District Kameety Conditions:

  • Assemble according to current situation.
  • Plan the stakeholders and define their responsibilities.
  • Guide and make SOP for the responsibilities of elected volunteers.
  • Check and ensure the performance of Volunteers for tiger force at district Level.
  • Ensure the ceremony with current stakeholders.
Tiger Force Tehsil Kameety

As we know that Government of the Punjab has launched Tiger force. Here we will know Tehsil Kameety of Tiger Force Pakistan.

Converner of Tiger Force: Assistant Commisioner

Secretary: Related Tehsildaar

Membran: Related DSP, Member of Provincial Assembly (MPA), Representative of District Social Welfare, Representative of Local Government, Local Oldman, Medical Supreintendant of Local Hospital

Duty for Tiger ForceConditions:

  • Assemble according to current satuation.
  • Check the performance of Volunteers according to defined conditions.
  • Follow approved Distribution Plan.
  • Take precautions and solve the problems.

Here on this page you will able to read the responsibilities of Tiger Force, Duty of Tiger Force and conditions for Tiger force, I have prepared jpeg pics with Urdu translation on this page Duty of Tiger force, Conditions for Tiger force Pakistan.

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To be the part of Tiger Force Pakistan install PM Portal App from play store at your cell phone.