Tips and Tricks How to create shortcuts for contacts on Android


1. Head into your Applications and click on the Widgets tab (or, depending on your device, head to wherever your widgets are located) 


2. Click on the Contact Widget or Message Shortcut if you wish to compose a text directly from the shortcut.

3. Put the widget onto the homescreen of your choice.

4. Choose the contact, with which you’d like to associate the widget.


And tadaa! You can now directly access the contact information that you chose directly from your homescreen. If you select a message shortcut, you can associate this person with whatever messaging application you use to send texts (Whatsapp, Skype, etc).

A nice, quick and easy trick to help save some time during the day. I know I find myself always repeating the same actions to send a message to the same few people in my contacts multiple times a day, so this will definitely help me out.

Any other useful shortcuts or time savers that the AndroidPIT family should know about?