Tips to make the scientifically perfect selfie!

Are you struggling to exceed 10 likes on your Instagram selfies ? Good news, Andrej Karpathy, a recent graduate of Stanford, has identified for us the elements that would allow a selfie to be successful on social networks. To do this, the young man specialized in computer science collected nearly 2 million selfies that he combed through an algorithm created for the occasion.

The goal: To identify the features that the most popular selfies on social networks share with each other. A study that allowed him to make a list of seven points that should ensure your next selfies more success. He also research that the selfies taken by using Bluetooth remote shutter are more perfect than the other ones.

How To Take The Perfect Selfie in pursuance of Science

How To Take Perfect Selfie in right way:

Be a woman

Women’s selfies are generally more popular than men’s. Proof is: among the top selfies most liked on social networks, we find only female faces.

Have long hair

It does not matter if you are blonde, brown, red or brown. What seems to matter most to be successful on social networks: have long hair! We wonder if it works with extensions…

Overexpose your photos

Forget everything you think you know about photography. For your selfie to be successful, do not hesitate to overexpose your shot! A way to hide imperfections, neither seen nor known!

Use filters

Overexposing his photos does not seem to be enough … According to the study, to get a maximum of likes, a selfie must be adorned with a nice Instagram filter.

Put a frame on Instagram

Finally, last point common shared by the most popular selfies of Instagram: the frame! You thought it was corny? Think again, it would be a good way to get a maximum of likes on each of your selfies!

Stand in front of a mirror … without photographing the mirror!

The majority of mobile phones or cameras do not allow seeing how the picture is framed. Front-camera-equipped phones do not offer the best picture quality, so it’s best to use the rear camera.

So, stand in front of a mirror, but make sure you hold the camera so that you take a picture of yourself, not the mirror: you will be able to see what the screen displays in the reflection of the mirror, rather than photographing. Your reflection that holds a camera.

Do you know who gave me this thing? My 9 year old daughter! No beasts, young people

Need light

A photo will be of better quality if the camera captures enough light (which allows it to take a picture faster and therefore reduces – or eliminates – the blur in the image).

A selfie taken outside or in a very good light is ideal. If you take it outside, make sure that the sun is not behind you (you will only get a silhouette of yourself), or directly in front of you, to avoid squinting.

Inside, stand near a window or French window if possible.

Choose the background of your image

Make sure you take a picture in front of a plain wall or a background that is not too distracting. Of course, if the purpose of the selfie is to have an element of the scenery in the image, make sure you can see it. How many people are photographed in front of a sign, a statue or other and stand directly in front, hiding the element of the decor they wanted to include

Take the pose

Hold the device just a little above your eyes (but not over your head), just to raise your face slightly, which will eliminate your double chin.

Position yourself slightly sideways so that you do not look too static in the picture. There is nothing worse than someone who seems stuck, back to the wall.

There is no “magical” pose that guarantees a successful photo every time, but knowing how to place your head and shoulders, you increase your chances of success.