Tips & Tricks about Relationship


What Is Relationship!

Sometimes, Relationship before and after marriage is not the same for ever. It needs more deeper level of understanding, more commetments of what relationship really meant.


What does, relationship really mean?


Something like we are one couple or just is it being together as a girl friend or a boy friend?


Wanting to be a part of it and being aware of what is going like on each other’s life?


Even if dying is part of it or being able to sacrifice onself for the other party?


Holding on to this relationship is my first priority just befor marriage. Making the wedidng works, has been my focus for the whole of every thing.


Relationship Tips & Tricks!

There are wide range of relationship tips that will help you on your way, not every tip will be right for you and there can be too many relationship tips to be listed in one article, but  however i want to share a few tips that are the backbone to a healthy long term relationship.


1. We all have our faults and we are unlikely to every change. Usually there at the start of any relationship so don’t refocus your attention on the bad points just because you’ve caught your fish.


2. Keep doing some fun in your life, don’t grow old too early, enjoy yourselves as much as you can and don’t make life too serious at all the time.


3. There is always a point when things don’t go quite so smooth all the time in any relationship.


4. Supporting each other is very important, which always helps alot in many ways.


5. A strong relationship will always feature communication of all sorts, sometimes about the every day things that make up life and sometimes very meaningfull and deep.


6. Time is money and many people work hard to pay their bills. Children are also good timeeaters in that they demand a lot of your time and energy every day. However, your time together is precious and your spouse needs it too.


7. Being sincere and truly into someone is the ultimate way to keep them interested in you.


Relationships are all about give and take, understanding your partner through listen to his/her thoughts and feelings, always looking for that little thing that keeps your relationship alive with enjoying the experience. Respect each other for who you really are in your real life and it’s understanding, don’t expect perfection because if you do you will always be disappointed because we are all humans not angels. Learn to change with the times, look forward to the excitement it brings and embrace change. Above all never assume that the grass is any greener on the other side!