Top Pakistani TV Drama

Pakistani dramas are being seen all over the world. Here attached a list of Pakistan drama which has loving and gorgeous stories, it is also called Top Pakistani Dramas. In and out of Pakistan’s country, Pakistani dramas are being watched and liked so much as entertainment. Top Pakistani drama’s stories are filled with love, emotions, attractions, lessons, moralities, truthness of the current situation of Pakistan like laws & rules, health, administrations, NGOs, evils, goodness, etc.

Pakistani top Drmaas 2019Movies and tv dramas are essential to keep somebody happy and learn the people how to live life, and how to handle your situation in different parts of life. There is good lessons, instructions, and consolation for the current youth of Pakistan, living away from the evils and bad deeds. Monitoring is also the best way to spread our voice and message to the whole world. So let’s watch and see some important and top dramas of Pakistan and learn lessons and experiments from the stories of these dramas.

Pakistani Top TV Drama 2019

If the story of the drama is good so it will be the best source for children to show and learn them a high standard and good living life as it is said in common the people especially children copy others’ character and actions. So in this way, we may bring up, nourish, foster, nurse, nurture, and support our children in the best living way.

Mery Pass Tum Ho:

Pakistani drama 2019In this drama life of ordinary couple has shown. Mehwish and Danish are the main part and hero of the Drama Mery Pass Tum Ho. Both of these gues have different needs and thoughts. Mehwish is a gorgeous and attractive actress but she belongs to the poor family in this series.

Name of other actors and actresses in the drama are Humayun Saeed, Adnan Siddiqui, Shees Ssajji Gul, Ayeza Khan, Rehmat Ajmal, Aisha, Furqan, Mehar Bano, Furqan Qureshi, and Mateen Sahab. The drama Mery Pass Tum Ho is written by Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar, Directed By Nadeem Baig. This drama is only released on ARY Digital at 8 PM every Saturday.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi:

Best drama of the PakistanThis Top Pakistani drama Ranjha Ranjha Kardi written by Faiza Iftikhar. The director of this drama is Kashif Nisar and the producer is MD Production. The cast of this Drama is Iqra Aziz, Asma Abbas, Imran Ashraf, Noor-ul-Hassan, Ahmad Abdul Rehman, Ammara But, Kashif Mehmood, Umer Dar, Zaib Rehman, Nargis Bhatti, and others. This Drama Ranjha Ranjha Kardi has become popular and watchable due to superb, brilliantly and mindblowing acting by Imran Ashraf. The drama has completed almost 31 episodes.

Iqra Aziz and Imran Ashraf performed outstanding performances being a couple and married. This Drama has left an everlasting impression. Here are some memorable moments, characters utilized superbly.

Do Bol:

Do Bool Drama PakistaniThe writer of the drama Do Bol is Sarwat Nazir. Syed Wajahat Hussain is the director of this drama, Six Sigma & Next level entertainment are producers. Do Bol Drama is launched in 2019

Samina Ahmad, Salman  Saeed, Rubina Ashraf, Haroon Shahid, Mehmood Aslam, Hira Mani, Affan Waheed, and others are Cast of the Do Bol Pakistani drama.

Top TV Drama of Pakistan Free Watchable 


This Top Pakistani Drama has a very relatively story in it. This has been made more interesting and watchable by the most experienced actor, actress by Usman Mukhtar and Naimal Khawar. Samira Fazal is a writer but Shehzad Kashmiri is director and MD Productions is a producer of the Drama Anna.

Top TV Drama 2019This drama has shown relationships with the role of ego plays which destroy the relations. This drama is cast by Tara Mehmood, Areeba Shahood, Raju Jamil, Anusheh Aamir, Hania Amir, Javeria Kamran, Irfan Khosat and others.

Meer Abru:

Meer Abru is Pakistani Top Drama which written by Wasiq Ali & Farisa Afzal, the producer is MD Productions and Furqan Adam is the director of the Meer Abru Drama. This is drama is full of misapprehension, misconception, betrayal and also love.

Meer Abu Pakistani Drama 2019This whole drama is round the love story between Meer & Abru. Sanam Chauhdry, Noor Hassan, Srha Asghar, Jia Ali and others are cast of this drama.


Inkaar Top Drama 2019This drama showed very heavy duties with sensitive topics and responsibilities. The write Zafar Mairaj has tried to fully inspire from real-life incidents and accidents. Kashif Nisar is director and Md Productions is a producer of the drama. Saima Noreen, Nabeela Khan, Saima Saleem, Kinza Malik, Imran Peerzada, Imran Ashraf, and others are cast of Inkaar Drama.

Khud Parast:

like other drama, Khud Parast Pakistani drama has an interesting story and intense performance too. Director of the drama is Abis Raza, The writer of the drama is Radian Shah but the producer is Big Bang Entertainment.

Pakistani drama 2019So Asma Abbas, Saif Hassan, Nausheen Shah, Ramsha khan, and others are cast of Khud Parast Top Pakistani drama 2019.

Baba Jani:

 There are no words to explain the beauty and mindblowing performance of this drama. Baba Jani is the best drama for family entertaining. Faiza Iftikhar is writer, Ali Faizan Anchan is a director and Connect Studio is a producer of this drama.

Likewise, Faryal Mehmood, Afshan Qureshi, Jinaan Hussain, Saba Hameed, and others are a caster of Top Pakistani Drama Baba Jani.

Rani Nokrani Drama For Curren NGO’s Image of Pakistan

Rani Nokran:

Rani Nokrani Drama is a top drama in Pakistan. It consists of a lifetime story reflection about two contrasting shades of life. One shade belongs to the luxurious lifestyle and other belongs to poor and common lifestyle. The main stars of this drama are Kinza Hashmi and Imran Ashraf. It has completed 30 episodes.

Best drama of the PakistanIn the drama, both these guys married with each other because Kinza Hashmi wants to kill poverty in society. It is telecasted every Monday at 3 PM.


Jaal drama is famous with Imran Ashraf due to his mindblowing acting in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi. Imran Ashraf, Ali Kazmi, and Sumbul Iqbal are main playing characters in Jaal drama. In this drama, it was shown that it may be very dangerous and failure to go against the wills of the parents. Parents always do best for their children/offsprings. Sumbal and Ali Kazmi loved each other but Ali Kazmi betrayed her and married her sister because Ali considered that only she is according to his type and mind.

Beautiful Top Drama PakistaniBut after marriage, Ali Kazmi gets regret whole life to get married to Sumbul Iqbal’s sister. In a car accident Ali’s wife dead. Imran Ashraf gets marriage with Sumbul Iqbal and spends a happy life. This drama has almost a total of 31 episodes.

Kahi deep Jhaly:

Kahi Deep Jalay drama is cast by GEO TV. When its first episode released audience gives enormous ratings and praises for it. This drama directed by Saima Waseem and written by Qasira Hayat. This drama encircles the story of female protagonist Rida who has three brothers. Her brothers are most caring and sacrificing life for her sister Rida. Imran Ashraf’s father died and their business destroyed then he does the job for livelihood. Imran Ashraf gets married to Rida.

Pakistani Top dramasKahi Deep Jalay drama is released on Thursday at 8 pm only on GEO Television Entertainment Channel “Har Pal Geo”. This is a new drama just 5 episode is cast till now. Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi are co-producer of the drama. Bina Chaudhary, Hasan Noman, Ali Ansari, Ali Abbas, Saba Faisal, Imran Ashraf, Neelam Munir. Nida Mumtaz and others are a caster of this drama.


This is mind-blowing drama Fazyla Lashari and Harish are the main characters of the drama. This drama is the story of three families. One belongs to the rich and luxuries family but others belong to the poor and middle family. Harris belongs to a rich family he wants to marry Fazyla Lashari who belongs to a poor family. She has 2 sis and 3rd family has 3 brothers. Males’ family gets marriage two of his sons with a females’ family. Adnan Shah Tipu, Hajra Khan, Yasir Shoro, Rizwan Jaffer, Fawad, and others are a caster of this drama. This drama has completed almost 140 episodes til now.

 There are more top and convincing story drama of Pakistan like meri baji wo Humsafar the Ehd e Wafa, Alif Allah Aur Insan, Tawaan, Baba Jani etc.