Top Important Pakistani News of the Month June 2020

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Top Important Pakistani News of the Month June 

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Top Important Pakistan News 2020

  • Two big Pakistani dams were inaugurated in the last 2 weeks.
  • In Previous month 23 crore debuts. were returned by Pakistan Government.
  • In Pakistan Country Covid-19 cases have been decreased.
  • The whole world is following/admiring the policy of “Smart Lock Down”. The policy has also been admired by the WHO organization.
  • Next month the 8 Countries Tourism Conference is being held in Pakistan.
  • Pakistan has done an agreement with Kuwait, now Kuwait will give employment to Pakistani Doctors and Nurses.
  • IT Exports has been increased by more 26 %.
  • Philippine has done an agreement to purchase “Cement” from Pakistan.
  • Pakistan has made Ventilators and also export it to other countries.
  • Due to COVID-19 Pakistan Stock Market has become 3rd big market in the world.
  • In the history of Pakistan the first time, Billion Rupees were distributed to the poor peoples due to COVID.

Top News Pakistan in Urdu

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