Torrential rains kill over 50 across country during 24 hours

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KARACHI: The death toll from flash floods and heavy rains across Pakistan mounted to 50 over the past 24 hours, as torrential downpours inundated the financial hub of Karachi and the country’s northwest.

Reports said 23 people were killed in rain and flood related incidents in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 16 in Karachi, 7 in Balochistan and more than 6 died in Punjab.

Extensive property damage was reported from the KPK province and residents in many areas were forced to leave homes inundated by rainwater.

Army was called out to support relief work in Karachi, where 16 people have so died. Residents were complaining of no electricity. Overflowing gutters and flooded roads and underpasses caused traffic jams in several areas.

More than 300 KESC feeders tripped, causing massive power outage in large area of the metropolis.

Met Department has predicted intermittent rain during next 24 hours in Karachi, Hyderabad and Mirpur Khas Division.

According to the Flood Forecasting Division, the mighty Indus, Jehlum and Chenab are in medium flood.

Sources by: brecorder