Ufone Call Packages 2020 (Monthly-Weekly-Daily & Hourly)

Ufone Call Packages 2020 (Monthly-Weekly-Daily & Hourly)Like Jazz / Mobilink network Ufone has also become very popular and most using telecom company/services in Pakistan. There was no other telecom network/communication company besides this telecom Company which provides wonderful service, bundles, offers, and packages. It has also a wide/huge list of consumers in Pakistan. Use Ufone Call Packages 2020. Ufone offers Ufone daily call package/ Ufone call packages 2 hours/ Ufone weekly call package/Ufone monthly call package and Ufone off net call packages 2020

Ufone has also gotten fan followers due to its best product, service, and service quality like the Jazz network. I can say if it continues to provide the best services and offers to the consumer’s no one else can stop it to become the best and prominent network company in Pakistan. Specifications of Ufone Call Packages are different from other networks. According to the latest research and survey, it is said that it has about 45 Million users, costumers, and consumers across Pakistan. This also provides Ufone postpaid call packages for all postpaid sim.

Ufone Call Packages 2020

Like Jazz, Ufone telecom Network Company also offers its users to select and activate numerous call packages, SMS, internet, and other packages. ufone call pkg, off net call packages and other network call packages have been given in detail on this page by scoopak. To know further details and information ufone to ufone call packages visit Ufone Official Website. Check also u to u call package offer 2020.

This also offers calls, SMS and internet bundles, off-net, and on-net bundles for the people of Pakistan. All Ufone offers/services / Ufone Call Packages are different according to its price, time limit, and specification… Owing to its good quality so many peoples of Pakistan have started to convert themselves from other networks to the Ufone network. It has won the hearts of its users too from the last decade.

To stay connected with your beloved one read all service, bundles, and packages announced by Ufone Telecom Company. Choose one of these and activate to enjoy call, SMS, and internet service. Packages are different according to different companies and different services and rates. People can choose Ufone Call Packages to fulfill their requirements/needs at a low and reasonable cost.

Ufone Hourly Internet Package 2020

You can also get information in detail and how to activate Ufone 1 hour call package Ufone call packages 2 hours/Ufone hourly package/ufone call packages 24 hours and 1 hour call package ufoneUfone 1 / 2 hour call package/Ufone call packages hourly, voice packages, etc. Dial *99# to activate 1 hrs call package and dial *343# to choose 2 hrs call package.
Ufone Call Packages Hourly For Prepaid SIM
Packages NameCost in PKR incl TaxSpecifications/Details
SMS, Minutes, On Net, Off-net
Validation/ Time DurationHow to Activate 
Power Hour OfferRs. 7.17 60 Net Mints
Internet= 60 MB
1 Hrs*99#
3 Pe 3 Offer PackageRs. 5 Ufone & PTCL minutes= Unlimited2 Hrs*343#

Ufone Daily Call Package 2020

Enjoy Ufone one day call package/Ufone daily call package code/Ufone call package daily code/Ufone off net call packages daily and u to u call package daily and all Ufone call package 2020, to activate for 1 Day dial *8888#. 
Ufone Daily Call Packages (For Prepaid Network)
Packages NameCost in PKR incl TaxSpecifications/Details
SMS, Minutes, On Net,Off net
Validation/ Time DurationHow to Activiate 
Daily Pakistan Package OfferRs. 18 100 Net mint
Internet= 10 MB
1 Day (24 Hrs)*888#
Beyhisaab Package OfferRs. 10 On Net Minutes= Unlimited1 Day (24 Hrs)*5700#


Ufone Weekly Call Package Code 2020
If you want to have more Ufone call packages so activate its weekly offer, dial *5050# to activate this weekly bundles/Ufone weekly package call, and Ufone weekly all in one package also know here Ufone call packages weekly code.
Ufone Weekly Call Packages ( For Prepaid Network)
Packages NameSpecifications/Details
SMS, Minutes, On Net,Off net
Cost in PKR incl TaxValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activiate 
Asli Chappar Phaar Package OfferOn net mints= 100
SMS= 100
Internet=1000 MBs
Rs. 80 7 Days*5050#
Weekly Pakistan Package OfferOn net minutes= 700
Internet= 100 MBs
Rs.100 7 Days*8888#


Ufone Monthly Call Package Code 2020
Activateufone monthly package all in one/Ufone monthly call and SMS package and Ufone Monthly call Package 2020 and feel free the whole month, call easily without any trouble/hurdles. Check the monthly details offer below.
Ufone Monthly Call Packages
Packages NameSpecifications/Details
SMS, Minutes, On Net,Off net
Cost in PKR incl TaxValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activiate 
Super Card Package offerU2U & PTCL Mins=1200
Off net mins= 180
Internet=2000 MBs
SMS= 4200
Rs. 550 PKr30 Days ( 4 Weeks)Dial *250#
Super Card Plus Offer1000 U2U & PTCL Mins + 150 off net mins +1200 MBs + 4000 SMSRs. 599 Pkr30 Days ( 4 Weeks)Dial *240#
Monthly Pakistan Bundles OfferOn Net minutes= 4000
Inernet= 400 MB
Rs. 418 Pkr30 Days ( 4 Weeks)*8888#


Ufone Postpaid Call Packages 2020

These Ufone call packages/Ufone postpaid call packages/are only for Postpaid network / postpaid sim.

Ufone Postpaid Cal Packages
Packages NameSpecifications/Details
SMS, Minutes, On Net,Off net
Cost in PKR incl TaxValidation/ Time DurationHow to Activiate
Prime (300) OfferOn-net minutes=1000
Off-net mints=150
Internet=500 MBs
Rs. 300/-30 Days (4 Weeks)Activiate offer via Helpline
Prime (600) OfferOn – net minutes= 2000
SMS= 2000
Off-net mints=300
Internet=1000 MBs
Rs.600/-30 Days (4 Weeks)Activiate offer via Helpline
Prime (1000) OfferOn – net minutes=5000
Off net mints=500
Internet=2000 MBs
Rs.1000/-30 Days (4 Weeks)Activiate offer via Helpline
Prime  (1500) OfferOn-net mints= Unlimited
SMS= 7000
Internet=8000 MBs
Off net mints=750
Rs.1500/-30 Days (4 Weeks)Activiate offer via Helpline


Ufone Nayi Sim Offers 

Below mentioned Ufone call packages are given to New consumers/costumers who purchase new Ufone sim so Ufone Nayi sim offers for new users.

Ufone Nayi Sim Offers
Packages NameSpecifications/Details
SMS, Minutes, On Net,Off net
Cost in PKR incl TaxHow to Activiate 
SIM Lagao Package OfferOn Net minutes=3000
SMS= 3000
Internet= 3000 MB
Consumers who did not utilize their SIMs for over 60 days can avail this opporutnity*5000#
Nayi Sim (Double Offer)On Net minutes=2000
SMS= 8000
Off-net mints= 300
Inetnet= 2400 MB
Rs. 520/- PKR*141#
Nayi Sim (Double Offer)On Net minutes= 2400
SMS= 8400
Off net mints=360
Internet= 3000 MBs
Rs. 599/- PKR*141#
Nayi Sim (Offer Bundles)On net minutes=500
Off-net mints= 25
Internet=1000 MBs
For all new Ufone SIMs / Customers*1000#


This page is helpful for you to get Ufone call package details, all call packages code, validity, and cost to activate it. Ufone consumers no need to worry about where they can see and check all Ufone call packages, SMS packages, and Internet bundles, its validation, price, and how to activate call package. Get all ufone call pkgs details here. 

Ufone Call Packages

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