Umair Masood Scientist Biography, Age, Nationality

This is great news for the people of Pakistan that a Pakistani young boy student became a Scientist. His name is Umair Massod who became a scientist at a young age. He has gotten the Young Scientist Award 2021 as Umair Masood Scientist. International American Organization Lab root (IAOLR) has awarded Umair Massod as a scientist award at a young age. He is now 23 years old born on 7th December 1997 at Rawalpindi Punjab Pakistan.

Umair Masood Scientist Biography, Age, Nationality

He is Pakistan’s first scientist has been awarded as per title at a young age. Umair Masood age is 23 years old; his birthplace is Rawalpindi Pakistan. British Broadcasting Cooperation has awarded him this award. He has been awarded by two scientific investigations Lab root.

Umair Masood Scientist News Viral on Social Media

Umair Masood Scientist Pakistan news is going viral on social media. This is a big success for Pakistani; he has fame and raises the name of Pakistan at the International level. Two papers on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology have been presented at the International conference and Australia.

Umair Masood Scientist is studying abroad has reached in 4th semester of subject Biotechnology. He is studying at Comcast University. Scientist Umair Masood belongs to Abbottabad Pakistan. He has nationality in Pakistan. He has been awarded and chosen by 336 voters.

Umair Masood Scientist Biography, Profile, Age & Education note down here. Umair Masood biography read online he has been awarded as Pakistan young scientist from Abbott bad Pakistan.