United Motorcycle US 70 2022 Model

United bike has 4-Stroke single cylinder OHC engine type of US United Motorcycle in Pakistan. United company launches a new model bike and ride every year. This company introduces stylish, durable, and reliable 4stroke engine bikes at affordable prices. ہونایٹڈ موٹر سایئکل Online read United Motorcycle US 70 2022 Model and United Motorcycle 2022  prices in Pakistan is Rs.46,000/- Pakistan rupees. Read United features and specs online before purchasing the bike.

United Motorcycle US 70 2021 ModelUnited specs, prices, features & functions, body style, fuel average, kick start and tyre functioning differs from all its previous brands. This brand has earned its name in the market by providing the quality and reliable products of the United United Motorcycle 70cc United 2022 model. یونائٹڈ موٹر سایئکل This is an autonomous body and which deals with other products like Bikes, US Rikshaw, US Loader, and 100 Motorcycle Rikshaw.

United Motorcycle US 70 2022 Model Price in Pakistan

In the US Motorcycle 70cc, 9.1:1 compression rate has been fixed with the required 0.8-liter engine oil to enhance the capacity and functionality of the engine. United 70 2022 model front tyre is 2.25 while rear tyre 2.50 (17/4 PR). If we talk about its break functionality so it is based on drum mechanical brakes both front & rear.


اس ویب سایئٹ پر یو نائٹڈ موٹر سیئکل کی نیو قیمت اور مکمل انفارمیشن حاصل کریں۔ یو نائٹڈ بائک 70 سی سی  یو ایس کی مکمل معلوماات آن لائن پڑھیں۔

United Motorcycle US 70 2022 Model Specifications

Engine: 4 strokes US engine type

Compression rate: 9.1:1

Engine oil required: 0.8 Liter

Transmission: 4 Stroke Speed

Frame: Backbone type

United motorbike weight: 88 KG

Brake Front: Drum Mechanic

Brake Rear: Drum Mechanical

Front Tyre: 2.25 (17/4PR)

Back Tyre: 2.50 (17/4PR)

United Fuel Tank Capacity: 8.5 Liter

Battery Volt: 12 Volt

Starting System: Kick-Starting

Displacement: 78 CC

Model: 2022

Clutch: Multi-plate

Model: US 70 CC

Stroke & Bore: 47 x 41.4 mm

Company: United

United company founded in 1999

CEO United company owner name: Sana Ullah Chaudhary United

Bike Name: United 70cc US 2022 Model

Colors: Red, Blue & Black

United bike price in Pakistan 2022 : Rs. 46000/-

United Contact number: (042) 35201881 – 3

United address: Johar Town Lahore Punjab Pakistan Molana Shoukat Ali road.

Read its eye-catching photo graphics of United 2022 model pictures in different angles were captured and placed herewith. یونائٹڈ موٹر سایئکل Pictures of the Fuel tank and engine, pictures of the front side and back side photos displayed here. Download free United Motorcycle pictures and graphic use for background wallpapers also enjoy Facebook WhatsApp status.

United US 70 Price in Pakistan 2022 Model

United 70 Price in Pakistan 2022 Model

United US 70 Price in Pakistan Model

United Motorcycle new model price in Pakistan

United 70 Model Price in Pakistan

United bike model US 70 cc

United US 70 fuel average

United Motorcycle new model 2022 price in Pakistan

United Motorcycle 70cc model

US 70cc United Motorcycle Price in Pakistan Online Check

New United Bikes US Motorcycle Price 2022

United US 70 CC Motor Cycle

United Motorcycle 2022 model has type f engine 4stroke with 78cc Displacement fixing in it. In this new brand, a 12-volt battery works for kick-starting, horns, headlights, and indicators operators.  یونائٹڈ موٹر سایئکل There are 8.5 liters of fuel capacity users can fill a maximum of up to 8.5 liters of fuel (Petrol) for a long drive.

United Motorcycle US 70 2022 Model
Sr  Dimensions Review
1 Engine  4 strokes US engine type
2 Transmission 4 Stroke Speed
3 Model US 70 CC
4 Stroke & Bore  47 x 41.4 mm
5 Company United
6 United company founded in  1999
7 CEO United company owner name  Sana Ullah Chaudhary United
8 Frame Backbone type
9 United motorbike weight 88 KG
10 Brake Front Drum Mechanical
11 Brake Rear
12 Front Tyre 2.25 (17/4PR)
13 Bike Name United 70cc US Model
14 Colors Red, Blue & Black
15 United bike price in Pakistan  Rs. 46000/-
16 Back Tyre 2.50 (17/4PR)
17 United Fuel Tank Capacity 8.5 Liter
18 Battery Volt 12 Volt
19 Starting System Kick-Starting
20 Displacement 78 CC
21 Model 2022
22 Clutch Multi-plate
23 Compression rate 9.1:1
24 Engine oil required 0.8 Liter
25 United Contact number (042) 35201881 – 3
26 United address Johar Town Lahore Punjab Pakistan Molana Shoukat Ali road.
United bike 2022 model US 70 cc

United Motorcycle US 70 2022 Model price in Pakistan is Rs. 46,000/- this is the net rate and without registration and number plates. Buyers just pay the net amount to the dealers. This is a large industry manufacturing 70cc and 100cc autos. یونائٹڈ موٹر سایئکل United Motorcycle 2022 spare parts are easily available in the market with reachable prices. There are so many dealers and assemblers and United bike showrooms in Lahore, Islamabad, Multan, and Karachi, etc.