Upcoming Online Shopping Trends in Pakistan

Upcoming Online Shopping Trends in Pakistan

In terms of online shopping, Pakistan has finally decided to step into the 22nd century.  Although the concept of online shopping is rather old, Pakistan is still pretty much a newcomer. However in the western part of the world much of the purchasing is done when a customer uses their credit card. In Pakistan, due to the current socio-political situation this is out of the question as many people look dubiously upon using one’s credit card online. The reason for this is that many people have been swindled on online portals leaving almost the entire population in doubt over the authenticity of such websites. Another problem was that many of the buyers were initially young people who didn’t have credit cards in the first place.

Websites such as Kaymu.pk and Symbios were able to overcome this problem with a simple solution, cash on delivery or COD. The purchaser only had to pay once they received their order.  With this solution, online sales skyrocketed to an entirely different level and the public’s fears of being hoodwinked were distilled. It is essential to mention that as a result of this solution most of the people that ended up buying the products were from the younger generation who were either too lazy or couldn’t be bothered to go window shopping. However another problem arose! How should online marketplaces promote and advertise their products?

Significance of Social Media in Pakistani Online Shopping

The answer, again, was rather simple. Enter social media. Pakistan, like many other countries, is a place where social media grew at an alarming rate. Everyone, easily has access to social media be it Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Online market places soon began exploiting social media by promoting and advertising their products there. Yet again the online shopping industry saw a significant boom in the number of items sold in Pakistan. Social media has played a major role in changing Pakistani consumer behavior in cyberspace.

The Success of Cash on Delivery Model in Pakistan

Due to our current socio-political situation, the general Pakistani public doesn’t trust any online market place that requires the use of a credit card. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, a new payment method of Cash on Delivery was started. Cash on Delivery or COD is a method of payment in which those who place their orders online only have to pay once the item/order has been delivered to them. Most of the time shipping is free but for certain products there are a minimum of between Rs. 150 to Rs. 300 charges. This in turn boosted the number of sales made as people were more willing to pay for their order by cash as soon as they received their item.

Online Clothing & Electronics Sales on the Rise

Let’s face it, people nowadays are looking towards online shopping because they can’t be bothered by going from window to window looking for things that they might possibly like. That requires spending a lot of their free time, which everyone values, and lots of petrol as well. People are now looking more and more towards online shopping as they can look for an item that they like by using specific words in search engines and then place their orders within minutes. This way they save a lot of free time and petrol. Their orders are then sent to their address mostly within 4-5 working days.

The sales of clothing items and electronic goods online have seen a significant rise within the last couple of years for this very reason.