Use Of Hand Sanitizers Can be Harmful For Health

Use Of Hand Sanitizers Can be Harmful For HealthWashington: Listen a latest news that according to a  latest research it is said that Use Of Hand Sanitizers Can be Harmful For Health. Due to COVID-19 Corona virus Hand sanitizers are being used excessively  / too much now days. But to latest report and research it was discovered that Use Of Hand Sanitizers Can be Harmful, noisome, noxious, toxic For Health.

Uses Of Hand Sanitizers 

Use Of Hand Sanitizers Can be Harmful For HealthWashington: It was discovered by American Food & Drug Administration that too much uses of Hand Sanitizers may be harmful for your health. All Hand sanitizers are not good some have bad effects on the life of human. So do not use hand sanitizers very much.

Best Hand Sanitizer

Washington: American Food & Drug Administration company has banned 9 sanitizers of Mac-sin Company because of un-standard quality, it was just ordered to dispose all stock of Mac-seen company before 17th June 2020.

How To Wash Hands at Home

Learn here best hands sanitizers and homemade sanitizer.

Wet your hands

Turn off the tab

Take a soap

Apply soap at your hands

Rub it at your hands at least 20 seconds

Rub throughout your hands, finger to finger and thumb to thumb

Rub backside your hands

Rub your both wrists

After rubbing very well til 20 seconds or more

Turn on tab

Wash your hands with running water

Clean your hands at dry towel

Use Of Hand Sanitizers Can be Harmful For HealthSide Effect of Hand Sanitizers

We see that due pandemic COVID 19 hand sanitizers are being utilized too much by the people. Methanol is used abundant in making of Hand Sanitizers. Methanol can cause vomiting, nausea, headache, blindness, epilepsy, Coma and mental health problem etc. So avoid to use of hand sanitizers too much.

Best Hand Sanitizers 

Purchase a dettol

Mix it in water

Shake it very well

Use it as sanitisers


Take a soap

Rup it on hands at least 20 seconds

After rubbing soap very well

Wash hands with water

How to clean your hand (Soap vs Hand Sanitizers)

Pakistan: It was invented by Pakistani people that leave permanently to use of hand sanitizers. Always use Soap to clean your hands to disinfect your hands. Rub your hand with soap at least 20 seconds then washout your hand with water. So soap is best invented / researched to escape from Corona virus Pandemic COVID 19.


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