Waqia karbala by shabir shah Hafizabadi

Watch full Waqia karbala by peer Syed Shabbir shah Hafizabadi. The Waqia karbla is the war of Haq and Batil. And you know the Haq and Truth ever wins. The Waqia Karbala is nicely speeched by Shabir Hussain. 

People mostly like his speaking style for wakia karbala in Punjabi and Urdu language. The Shahadat of Hazrat Imam Hussain is for the glory of Islam the the Shabbir Shah nicely revealed in his own style.

Let’s watch now full bayan of Syed Shabir Hussain Shah for Waqia Karbala of 9th & 10th Moharram.

Complete Waqia Karbala By Shabbir Hussain Shah