Warid Call Packages Hourly, Daily, Weekly And Monthly 2020

Warid Call Packages Hourly, Daily, Weekly And Monthly 2020Past days have gone when mobile phones were so costly and all telecom packages were also so expensive and out of reach especially for the poor peoples. Now according to the passage of time, all telecommunications companies have to modify their quality of service. Now like other network Warid has also announced/made Warid Call packages daily, weekly, monthly, and hourly 2020 and jazz Warid call packages with cheap and affordable prices.

In the past era peoples used to post letters and cards to send their beloved and family members. People have to wait for the posted letters and newsletters. But as time is gone and the modern era continues people have started to use mobile phones to talk and to see others face online. This Company has also offered some Warid call packages for its user to talk with anyone. Some peoples use only warid to warid call packages.

Warid Call Packages 2020

In this era, people not only can listen to the voice of others but also can see the faces of others via internet packages. Warid offers some warid call packages, SMS packages and internet offers to stay connected with friends, family, and beloved ones. Now with the use of mobile and packages, people can listen to the voice, send text msgs, and see face to face one another online.

All telecommunications companies are still struggling and doing hard work to provide the peoples / its customers best and most excellent quality, services with wonderful and grateful features/specifications.

All network helped / aid the people of Pakistan in a very critical situation due to pandemic COVID-19 coronavirus. When people were locked inside at home. So many official works started to do only on Mobile, at this critical circumstance only mobile was the only source to stay connected with friends and families and to deal for business purposes. Including other network warid also offered Warid Call packages for free of cost, SMS, and whats app packages. The company offer postpaid and prepaid packages warid call pkg. 

Warid Call Packages Hourly 2020

Check here Warid call packages, daily, hourly, 3 days, weekly, and monthly offers. Check a package “Ghenta Offer” in just Rs.2.99/- Pkr to activate it type an SMS “Gh” then send it at 3333.

Warid Hourly Call Packages For Prepaid
Packages NameCost in PKR excluding TaxHow to Activate PackagesSpecifications/Details
Warid 3 Days BundleRs. 70/-Dial= *99*1#On-net mints= 300
Off-net minutes 30
SMS= 500
Internet=500 MBs
Hourly Package OfferRs. 3/-Send a SMS “FIND” at 274211 pm – 7 pm ( Rs.4 + tax / hour ) + 7 pm-11 pm (Rs.8 + tax / hour )
Warid Ghanta OfferRs. 2.99/-Send SMS “Gh” at 3333Rs.5/- daily charges +12 am-6 pm (Rs.2.9 + tax / hour )


Warid Daily Call Packages for Prepaid

Customers who want to use to less Warid call packages they can purchase warid hourly call packages for the prepaid network. Use warid daily call package 2020. 

Warid Daily Call packages
Package NameCost in PKR excluding TaxSpecifications/DetailsHow to Activate Packages
Power Pack OfferRs 4.99/-On-net mints= 5
SMS= 100
Internet= 5MBs
Send sms “P” at 7777
Warid Pakistan OfferRs.12/-Calls Minutes=Unlimited
 from 6 pm – 8 pm
Send sms “PK” at 4337
Daily Bundle OfferRs. 30/-On-net= 200
Off-net minutes=10
SMS= 300
Internet=30 MBs
 Dial= *99*11#


Warid Weekly Call Packages 2020

Warid call pkg offer Warid weekly call packages the whole week to talk to others. Warid weekly call packages are being the most used pkg. Dial *99*7# to have “7 Day Offer Package” in just Rs. 110/- Pkr. You will have 700 call mints, SMS, and Mbs.

Warid Weekly Call Packages For Packages
Package NameCost in PKR including TaxHow to Activate PackagesSpecifications/Details
Warid 7 Day Package OfferRs.110/-Dial= *99*7#On-net mints= 700
Off-net minutes= 70
SMS= 700
Internet=700 MBs
Poora Hafta (Offer-Packages)Rs. 80/-Send sms “WO” at 3333On-net mints= 100 ( mon-sat )
On-net minutes= 250 (Sunday)
Intenet= 250 MBs


Warid Postpaid Call Packages

Check below said Warid call packages for Postpaid network. Use “All Net (Mini Call) Offer in just Rs.400/- dial *99*2# to have this pkg.

Warid Postpaid Call packages
Packages NameCost in PKR excluding TaxHow to Activate PackagesSpecifications/Details
All “Net Lite” Call PackageRs. 200/-Dial= *99*1#On-net mints= 1000
SMS= 1000
Internet=1000 MBs
All “Net Mini” Call PackageRs. 400/-Dial= *99*2#On-net mints=2500
SMS= 2500
Internet=2500 MBs
All “Net Smart” Call PackageRs. 500/-Dial= *727#On-net mints= 1000
Off-net minutes= 250
SMS= 1000
Internet= 1000 MBs
All “Net Super” Call PackageRs. 1000/-Dial= *727#On-net mints=2500
Off-net minutes=500
Internet=2500 MBs


Warid Monthly Call Packages for Prepaid

The who wants to use whole month Warid call packages. They can activate Warid monthly call packages without any disturbance the whole month. Warid monthly call packages are best for those who use excessively.

Warid Monthly Call Packages For Prepaid
Packages NameCost in PKR excluding TaxHow to Activate PackagesSpecifications/Details
3 Day Bundle OfferRs 70/-Dial= *99*1#On-net mints= 300
Off-net minutes= 30
SMS= 500
Internet=500 MBs
Hourly Package OfferRs.3/-Send sms “FIND” at 274211 PM – 7 PM ( Rs.4+tax / hour )+7PM – 11 PM ( Rs.8 + tax / hour )
Ghanta Offer PackageRs.2.99/-Send sms “Gh” at 3333Rs.5 Daily Charges + 12 AM – 6 PM ( Rs.2.9 + tax / hour )


Warid Add-On Packages

Also here check some warid Add-On-Packages-Offers. Its range is between 100 to 200 minutes in Rs.125 to Rs. 250/- PKR for the whole month.

Warid Add – On Packages
Packages NameFree MintsCostValiditon
Warid “100” All Net100 MinsRs. 125/-1 Month (4 Weeks)
Warid “200” All Net200 MinsRs. 250/-1 Month (4 Weeks)


Warid J All-Net Postpaid Packages

Warid J net packages series are also good to have Warid Call packages. The range of J-Net is between 100 to 500 Mints. These packages are for Postpaid sims. You can use J-All Net “Mini Offer” in Rs 200/- to have 200 warid call packages for the whole month.

Warid J All-Net Postpaid Packages
Packages NameCost in PKR Free MintsValidittion
J All- “Net Lite” PackageRs.100/-100 MinsMonthly ( 4 Weeks)
J All- “Net Mini” PackageRs.200/-200 MinsMonthly ( 4 Weeks)
J All- “Net Smart” PackageRs.300/-300 MinsMonthly ( 4 Weeks)
J All- “Net Super” PackageRs.400/-400 MinsMonthly ( 4 Weeks)
J All- “Net Budget” PackageRs.500/-500 MinsMonthly ( 4 Weeks)


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