Warid Internet Package Hourly, Daily, Weekly And Monthly 2020

Warid Internet Package Hourly, Daily, Weekly And Monthly 2020We know that in the mobile phones were so costly and expensive that time all telecom packages were also so expensive and out of reach because they used to provide high rate call packages.  As the passage of time companies launched so many Internet packages like Warid Internet Package 2020/warid net packages/Warid monthly package/Warid weekly package/Warid daily internet package/Warid net pkgs 2020/warid pkgs and net package Warid.

Warid Internet Package 2020

We know that according to the passage of time all telecommunications authorities have modified their service in the best quality. Now like other network Warid has also planned/announced Warid Call packages 2020 with cheap and reasonably priced.

Call Warid helpline No at 111 to talk helpline center. Warid Fax no (042) 111301301. Warid Head Office is at Lahore MM Alam Road, Gulberg 2 Lahore Punjab Pakistan. Warid Owner Name is Bashir Tahir, he is CEO Warid Company. Warid launched in Pakistan on dated May 2005.

At this modern world person used call, SMS, and Warid internet package when peoples used to send letters to their families or beloved ones via Post Office. People used to wait for the posted letters reached home address. Now the written letters have been finished/replaced with mobile phone and now online chats and conversations are done via packages, like Warid Internet package. You May also check Warid Call Packages. 

In this era, people can also listen to the voices of others but also perceive the faces of others via the Warid internet package/Warid net packages. The company offers some Warid internet package, SMS, and calls packages. With the help/use of Warid net packages, people can stay connected with their friends, family, and much-loved ones. Peoples only need android mobile phones and net packages.

Warid Daily Internet Package 2020

Warid Daily internet package/Warid net packages daily/Warid daily net package/Warid daily package/daily internet package Warid and Warid net package daily have been published by the company. You can use a Warid internet package on a daily basis. You can activate the packages on which days you want or which days you want to work.

Select a Warid internet package naming “Daily Social Recursive Offer” in Rs.5.98/-. Dial *455*2# to activate this bucket. It provides you 200 Mbs Intenet for FB & Whatsapp only.

Warid Daily Internet Packages
Packages NameWorthValidationSpecificationFree BiesWarid Daily Internet Package CodeDe-Activation Code No
Daily (Social Recursive Offer)Rs 5.98/-24 Hours
( Valid till midnight on the same day )
Internet= 200 MBs for Fb & WhatsApp onlyNilDial= *455# for Activation
Dial= *455*2# for status
Dial= *455*4#
Daily SMS & WhatsApp PackagesRs 5.98/-24 hours
( Valid till Midnight on same day )
Internet= 10 MBs for Whats App onlySMS= 1800 to all networksDial= *334#, for activation
Dial= *334*2# for Status
Dial= *334*4#
Daily Browser OfferRs 11.95/-24 hours
( Valid till Midnight on same day )
Internet= 50MBNilDial= *117*11# for activation
Dial= *117*11*2# for status
Automatically deactivate on same day midnight
Daily Sindh OfferRs. 12/-Validation till midnight on same dayInterent= 250 MBsSMS= 1500
On-net minutes= Unlimited
Dial= *522# for activation
Dial= *522*2# for status
Automatically deactivate on same day midnight
Daily Karachi  Hybrid LBCRs. 12/-Validation till midnight on same dayInterne= 250 MBsSMS= 250
Warid & Jazz Calls= Unlimited
Dial= *400# for activation
Dial= *400*2# for status
Automatically deactivate on same day midnight
Daily Data Bundle Packages
Rs. 24/-24 hours
( Valid till Midnight on same day )
Internet= 100 MBs only for 24 hrs
And 1100 MBs for
( 2:00 AM to 2:00 PM )
NilDial= *117*4# for activation
Dial= *117*4*2# for status
Automatically deactivate on same day


Warid 3 Days Internet Package

The company has offered Warid internet packages 3 days/Warid net packages 3 days/Warid 3 days net package and Warid 3 days package Warid 3 days internet package in Rs.17.9/- Just dial *114*14# to subscribe Warid internet package 3 days. It gives you 500 Mbs internet. Dial *114*14*4# to deactivate the Warid internet package bucket any time you want.

Warid 3 Days Internet Packages
Packages NameCostTime LimitSpecificationActivation Code NoDe-Activation Code
3 Days Extreme OfferRs. 17.9/-3 Days
( valid for 2 AM to 2PM )
Internet= 500 MBsDial= *114*14#Dial= *114*14*4#


Warid Weekly Internet Package

Warid Internet Package is offered by the company. Purchasewarid weekly net package/Warid packages weekly/weekly internet package Warid/Warid net packages weekly Warid weekly internet package for the whole week (7 Days) and stay connected with Warid services the whole week.

Dial *989# to activate “Jazz New Sim Offer Package” in Rs.99/- PKR. You will get 1500 MBs Warid weekly internet package validation for 7 Days. Dial *989*2# to check its status.

Warid Weekly Internet Packages
Bucket NamePriceValidationPrescriptionActivation Code NoDe-Activation Code
Bundle – Once OffRs. 15/- + tax7 Days (1 Week)Internet= 25 MBs for Whats App
SMS= 1500
Dial= *101*1*07# Dial= *101*2*07# to check status
Karachi (Haftawar Data) OfferRs. 50/-7 Days (1 Week)Internet= 3 GB free WhatsAppDial= *545#Automatically Expires 
Weekly Social OfferRs. 50/-7 Days (1 Week)Internet= 8GB for WhatsApp, Fb & IMO
( 4 GB from 2 AM – 2 PM )
Dial= *660#Automatically Expires
Dial= *660*2#
Weekly Stream OfferRs. 95/-7 Days (1 Week)Internet= 1 GBDial= *117*7#Dial= *117*7*4#
New SIM Offer PackageRs. 99/-7 Days (1 Week)Internet=1500MBs
Jazz mints=1500
Warid minutes=1500
Dial= *989#Dial= *989*2# for Status
Automatically Expires after 7 days
Jazz Haftawar All-Rounder OfferRs. 113/-7 Days (1 Week)Internet= 250 MBs
On-net= 1000
Off-net minute= 50
SMS= 1000
Dial= *747#Automatically Expires 
Weekly Premium OfferRs. 140/-7 Days (1 Week)Internet= 3 GBDial= *117*47#Dial= *117*47*4#
Weekly Mega OfferRs. 200/-7 Days (1 Week)Intenet= 7 GBDial= *159#Dial= *159*4#
Weekly Mega Plus OfferRs. 240/-7 Days (1 Week)Internet= 20 GB
( 10GB from 2 AM – 2 PM )
Dial= *453#Dial *453*2# to check Status
Automatically expires after 7 days 
Jazz Mega Super Duper Rs. 250/-7 Days (1 Week)Internet= 5000 MBs
On-net mints= 25000
Off-net minutes=50
SMS= 2500
Dial= *505#Dial= *505*2# to check Status
Automatically expires after 7 Days


Warid Monthly Internet Package

A Warid Monthly Internet package/Warid monthly net package/Warid Whatsapp package monthly/Warid monthly Whatsapp package/Warid jazz monthly package/Warid internet monthly packages/Warid monthly prepaid packages monthly package Warid &warid net package monthly are being also offered. Activate Warid call packages for the whole month and enjoy un-interrupted Warid net package service.

Dial *101*1*02# to activate Warid monthly packages 2020 in Rs. 79/- PKR. You will be given 5 GB Internet and SMS=12000 for a whole month. You can also deactivate this bundle any time Dial=*101*4*02# to de-activate it.

Warid Monthly Internet Packages
Bundles NameWorthTime DurationSpecificationsHow to activateHow to De Activate
Monthly Whats App and SMS OfferRs. 79/-24 Hours (Valid for 30 days)Internet= 5GB,
SMS= 12000
Dial= *101*1*02#Dial= *101*4*02#
Jazz Monthly Extreme PackageRs. 120/-(2AM-2PM) (Valid for 30 days)Internet= 5000 MBsDial= *117*34#Dial= *117*34*4#
Jazz Monthly Browser OfferRs. 215/-24 Hours (Valid for 30 days)Internet= 4GB
( 2GB from 2 AM-2 PM )
Dial *117*77#Dial= *117*77*4#
Jazz Monthly Mega OfferRs. 375/-24 Hours (Valid for 30 days)Internet= 8 GB
( 4GB from 2 AM-2 PM )
Dial= *117*31#Expires after 30 days
Jazz Super Duper OfferRs. 533/-24 Hours (Valid for 30 days)Internet= 3GB
SMS= 3000
On-net minutes= 3000
Off-net minutes= 100
Dial= *601#Expires after 30 Days,
Jazz Monthly Mega PlusRs. 600/-24 Hours (Valid for 30 days)Internet= 12 GBsDial= *117*30#Expires after 30 Days,
Dial= *117*30*2# for Status
Jazz Monthly Supreme OfferRs. 885/-24 Hours (Valid for 30 days)Internet= 20 GB
( 10GB from 2AM – 2PM )
Dial= *117*32#Dial= *117*32*4#
Jazz Super Duper PlusRs. 1000/-24 Hours (Valid for 30 days)Internet= 8GB
On-net minutes= 4000
Off-net minutes= 200
SMS= 4000
Dial= *707#Dial= *707*4#


Warid Postpaid Internet Packages 

Like other networks, this company also offers some Warid postpaid net packages/Warid postpaid packages internet/Warid postpaid data packages & postpaid Warid internet packages and Warid Postpaid Internet Packages only for postpaid sim owners. Like Monthly Streamer Package for 30 days in Rs. 250+Tax. You can get Internet 2000 MBs. Dial *446# for activation.

Warid Internet Packages for Postpaid Users
Bucket NameCostExpiry DatePrescriptionActivation CodeDe-Activation Code
Monthly (Streamer Package)Rs.250/-30 Days (4 Weeks)Internet= 2,000 MBsDial= *446#Nil
Monthly (Premium Package)Rs.500/-30 Days (4 Weeks)Internet= 5,000 MBsDial= *446#Nil
Monthly (Supreme Package)Rs. 800/-30 Days (4 Weeks)Internet= 14,000 MBsDial= *446#Nil
Monthly (Super Package)Rs. 1200/- 30 Days (4 Weeks)Internet= 24,000 MBsDial= *446#Nil
Monthly (Ultimate Package)Rs. 2200/-30 Days (4 Weeks)Internet= 50,000 MBsDial= *446#Nil


Warid Call Packages 2020

Including Warid, All telecommunications corporations are still busy making their services/offers best in quality. Below check some Warid net packages/Warid weekly package/Jazz Warid Internet Packages/Warid monthly internet package and Warid daily internet package Warid internet package with specifications and cost.

Warid SMS Packages 

Warid Call Packages 

Warid Internet Packages