World Call Telecom Speed Test

World Call Speed TestWorld Call Telecom Speed Test provides the services to check the performance of Internet Connection and its speed in MBs per second. Know here that how to speed test tool, worldcall test tool works that it performs work as Download speed measurement/upload speed measurement online.

History World Call Telecom Speed Test Online Tool

Worlcall Speed Test tool was inaugurated/founded by “Salman Taseer”. World Call Company was founded in 1996. World Call Headquarter is at Lahore. This company provides the services of Worl Call Telecom Speed Test, Telecommunication and Entertainment to its consumers.
Omantel has 51% shares in World Call Telecom Company by 2008. Worlcall area coverage mainly in Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad. World Call helpline UAN no: +92 (042) 36671192-96 and world call fax num: +92 (042) 36671197

World Call Telecom Speed Test is a tool and detector which provides Internet speed World call and detects the online data flow rate of Internet connection speed free of cost.

Download Speed Test:

Download speed test online can be checked through the World Call Telecom Speed Test, it just controls and generates downloading Internet speed from Server to the Computer of users. That how much downloading speed is providing to its users like 4 Mbps or 8 Mbps.

Upload Speed Test

In the same way, this works as Upload speed measurement and calculates the flow of data rate from Users PC to the server.

Users of Worldcall can also check and use WorldCall Packages on this page which is provided/published in following table formate.

How to start the Worldcall Speed Test

On this page find “GO” or “Start” Button press or click on it to start your Internet Connection speed test online. After a few seconds, it will show you the result and output. Like Ping, Jitter and MBs per second. Ping result show like 2ms, 4ms and 6ms so it the ideal result is from 1ms to 5ms. Whereas Jitter shows the pack delaying time from server to users. So the main purposes and work of World Call Telecom Speed Test to show upload & download speed to the users.