Zong Internet Packages 2021 Monthly, Weekly, Daily & Hourly

Zong Internet Packages 2020 Monthly, Weekly, Daily & HourlyZong Telecom Company is working in Pakistan and providing their services. Here check some updated Zong Internet Packages 2021 Zong Whatsapp package Zong monthly internet package Zong daily internet package with specification and prices. Pakistani Peoples wants to select/purchase a network telecom authority in accordance to fulfill their needs and requirements. On the basis of providing the best quality offers/services users select/higher telecom companies like Jazz, Ufone, Telenor, Zong, Warid, and other telecommunication authorities.

Zong Internet Packages 2021

All authorities want to become popular. They attract and get other’s attention by providing the latest and affordable packages like Zong internet packages are updated/uploaded on this page. Telecom companies have to struggle day and night to promote and advance their services/offers/buckets/packages etc. So Zong also wants more users and more consumers.


All telecom companies like Zong, Warid, Ufone, Jazz, and Telenor have set the goal to get success by providing the best service, like call Package, SMS package, and internet packages. They offer all packages at different prices, costs, specifications, and time limitations. Use and activate Zong call packages to fulfill your need.

Such companies get loss/failure by losing their consumer if there any negligence and recklessness take place with their customers and users. So owing to this all Pakistan telecom compies will have to give grand attention, the responsibility to ensure the best services.

Like other companies, Zong has also established a control room/call center where the Pakistani peoples may register their complaints/quarry.

Zong Call Packages 2021

The people also can get complete knowledge and any directions or suggestion on the subject of Zong internet packages, SMS, or call packages. Call on Zong Helpline No at 310 to talk to their customer service center to inquire about any quarry and problems. Peoples of Pakitan may give suggestions to Zong Company on the subject of.

If the users want more information and Internet Zong packages details they can visit ZONG Official Website link is given for you. Click on the link to visit its Official Website of this company to get additional and obligatory information in detail.

You can also visit the Zong Head Office in Islamabad to get further information. Zong Head Office Address is CMPak Complex, Plot No.47, Kuri Road, National Park Road Chak Shehzad at Islamabad Pakistan.

Zong UAN Number is (051) 111-222-11 and the Zong company Owner name is CHINA Mobile.

 Zong Daily Internet Package

Zong offers to the Pakistani peoples that they can with no trouble purchase Zong Internet packages, SMS, and call pkgs also. this company provides unlimited Zong Daily Internet package/Zong daily net package/Zong daily package/Zong net package daily and Zong daily shandaar offer on this page.

Users can also check Zong daily call package code and Zong daily internet package code here. Now use the “Daily Data Max” internet package in rs.35/- for 1 day (24 hrs). You will be given 500 Mbs Zong internet buckets hiring this package.
 Zong Internet Packages Daily
Package Name Cost in PKR Specifications/Details Validation/ Time Duration
Daily (Basic Offer) Rs. 15/- Internet= 100 MBs 1 Day (24 Hrs)
Daily Data (Max Offer) Rs. 35/- Internet= 500 MBs 1 Day (24 Hrs)
Zong (Day Time Offer) Rs. 16/- Internet= 1200 MBs 1 Day (24 Hrs)  (4 AM-7 PM)
Zong (Good Night Offer) Rs. 14.5/- Internet= 2.5 GBs 1 Day ( 24 Hrs) (1 AM-9 AM )
All in one Daily Offer Rs. 20/- Internet= 40 MBs,
On-net= 40,
Off-net minutes= 04,
SMS= 400
1 Day (24 Hrs)


 Zong Weekly Internet Package

This telecommunication authority also offers /Zong weekly package/Zong weekly net package/Zong super weekly plus/Zong net package weekly/Zong super weekly max and Zong net pkg weekly Zong weekly Internet package 2021. Know Zong internet packages weekly below and purchase the Zong internet service of this company.

Use “Super Weekly Internet packages” in Rs.120/- and get 2.5 GBs Internet Zong internet for 7 days.

 Zong Super Weekly Plus Internet Packages Weekly
Package Name Cost in PKR Specifications/Details Validation/ Time Duration
Super (Weekly Offer) Rs. 120/- Internet= 2.5 GB 7 Days (1 Week)
Super Weekly (Plus Offer) Rs. 160/- Internet= 5 GB 7 Days (1 Week)
Super Weekly (Max Offer) Rs. 200/- Internet= 10 GB
( 5GB is Available between 4 AM to 4 PM )
7 Days (1 Week)
All in One Weekly Offer Rs. 150/- Internet= 700 MBs
On-net= 700
Off-net minutes= 40
SMS= 700
7 Days (1 Week)
Haftawar (Load Offer) Rs. 180/- 1500MB, 1500 on-net, 75 off-net minutes, 1500 SMS 7 Days (1 Week)


Zong Monthly Internet Package

On the activation of Zong packages Internet monthly,  you can get a complete calm entire month and remain far fear of losing Zong Whatsapp package monthly/Zong monthly Whatsapp package/Zong Whatsapp package monthly code/Zong Whatsapp packages monthly unlimited/monthly Whatsapp package Zong/Zong monthly net package and Zong monthly net pkgZong monthly Internet package the whole month.

Activate “Zong Monthly Basic 500 Bucket” in Rs.150/- PKR and get a 500 MBs internet bucket for 30 days.

Zong Internet Packages- Monthly
Package Name Cost in PKR Specifications/Details Validation/ Time Duration
Monthly (Mini 150 Package) Rs. 50/- Internet= 150 MBs 1 Month
Monthly (Basic 500 Package) Rs. 150/- Internet= 500 MBs 1 Month
Monthly Premium (3GB Offer) Rs. 300/- Internet= 3 GBs 1 Month
Monthly Premium (12 GB Offer) Rs.717/- Internet= 12 GB + free nights
( 1GB FUP ) 1 am to 9 am / Daily
1 Month
Zong Super Card Offer Rs. 499/- Internet= 2000 MBs
On-net= 2000
Off-net minutes= 150
SMS= 2000
WhatsApp= 2 Gbs
1 Month


Zong Internet Packages Bundles

The company offers some other Zong Internet packages for its user. Check “Social Pack Offer” by the company is Rs. 10 for 1 day and get 100 MBs data.

Zong Internet Packages- Bundles
Package Name Cost in PKR Specifications/Details Validation/ Time Duration
Social Pack Offer Rs. 10/- Internet= 100 MBs 1 Day (24 Hrs)
Classified Pack Offer
(Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, Pak Wheels & Carmudi )
Rs. 5/- Internet= 50 MBs 1 Day (24 Hrs)
Zong Facebook Daily Package Rs. 5/- Internet= 50 MBs 1 Day (24 Hrs)


Zong Postpaid Packages Internet

The postpaid owner can also subscribe to Zong postpaid packages/Zong postpaid packages and Zong postpaid internet packages for postpaid sims. Below see Zong postpaid internet packages to get the best service on the postpaid network.

Check Zong Internet packages “Z-3000” in Rs. 2190/- PKR and get 25,600/- MBS Internet data and also get Unlimited on-net call minutes and 1200 off-net minutes and 5000 SMS.

Condition: Users who want to activate these buckets, will have to deposit a Security fee, Rs.5000/- PKR is a security fee to activate Z-3000 Internet Zong packages.

Zong Postpaid Internet Packages
Z Package Name Free MBs On-Net mints Off-Net mints SMS Cost in PKR Load
Z-300 1,000 500 100 500 Rs.300/- Rs.1000/-
Z-500 2,000 1500 250 1000 Rs.365/- Rs.1000/-
Z-900 4,000 Un-limited 500 2000 Rs.657/- Rs.2000/-
Z-1500 8,000 Un-limited 800 4000 Rs.1095/- Rs.3000/-
Z-3000 25600 Un-limited 1200 5000 Rs. 2190/- Rs.5000/-


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Zong SMS Packages

Zong Internet Packages